Monday, December 31, 2012

She's 2!

Claire turned 2 on Saturday and we celebrated with a small family party. We went to Fun Run in Liberty, had pizza and Pinkalicious cupcakes & ice cream for the special occasion. She was a happy girl. 

Claire starts at her new "school" on Wednesday. She went in for her 2 year check up last week and she is in the 90th percentile for height/weight. She loves to read, play with the "dog" house (aka doll house @ Nana and Docs), talk about "Santa Closet", Stuart the dog, Mr. Potato Head, color and play with Play-Doh. She is a chatterbox. We love our girl so much! Here is our list of things we wanted to  do before Claire turned 2...we accomplished about half of the items:

  1. Oceans of Fun. Thanks to Aunt Peggy and Uncle Roy, we have no excuse. We are going this summer.
  2. MLB game. Could be a Cards game, could be a Royals game. Probably will be in the fall when it is cooler out.
  3. go to a zoo.
  4. go to the beach. We will cross this off in July when we go to Destin, FL. Can't wait.
  5. get ice cream @ Sparky's.
  6. have burgers @ Booches. 
  7. take Claire to her first SEC football game.
  8. go to Rock Bridge State Park.
  9. go to a concert.
  10. Chiefs game. Hope to make this an annual tradition.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas Scenes!

Claire LOVED the gingerbread houses and train exhibit at Crown Center

A quick visit with Ella in Columbia--thanks for the  Potato  Head, pumpkin pie and gifts, Ella!
This was so sweet: Nana and Claire singing Silent Night at church on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve bike assembly. Yes that is a spoon hammer.
Reading new books with Aunt Chelsie and Uncle Ben
Having fun on the new bike and playing with ALL of  the new toys thanks to Nana, Doc, Nani, G, Aunt Meredith, Aunt Chelsie & Uncle Ben, Watkins family, Aunt Gayle & Elizabeth and Grandma & Grandpa Ervin! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are had a wonderful day with your family and friends!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are officially KC residents! We are enjoying time in Liberty before we move to the rental in Waldo in January. Adam, Nancy and Bob (+ 4 movers) worked hard to move our stuff last week.
Our empty house in Columbia! 
  In the last week Claire has baked cookies with Nana, played ski ball at the Landing and gone on a few walks with Stuart. She LOVES to walk Stuart and then drop the leash and watch him go off on his own. Rascal.
patiently waiting for those cookies (photo credit: Nancy)

Fun at the Landing!