Monday, September 24, 2012


First weekend of fall and it was a glorious one! I spent the weekend at the Lake catching up, laughing and reminiscing with college friends. As usual I failed to take pictures. The one pic below is courtesy of Erin :) and it is missing Keri and Patty!! Thanks for hosting, Keri. I had a great time!

Meanwhile, back at home, Claire and Adam were busy. On Friday night they went on a little date to a local Mexican restaurant. They walked in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk on Saturday morning and watched Mizzou fall to South Carolina in the afternoon. Bummer. On Sunday morning they walked to get doughnuts and play at the park. Everyone had a good weekend! Next up: I'm heading to NYC to see Ella. Can't wait!!!!!

mmmm...chips and salsa

really fascinated by this girls tutu and face paint

really hungry after the walk

doughnuts are yummy! mom should go out of town again next weekend...

Monday, September 17, 2012


A few pics from our fun weekend w/ the Trouts. Claire loved breakfast and bouncing on the trampoline w/ Uncle Ben and Aunt Chelsie. I've added their blog to our links section below because they are going to build a teardrop trailer and tell us all about it. Looking forward to following along in this fun endeavor. After a big morning of jumping we spent the afternoon with Aunt Gayle and the evening tailgating before the MU v. Arizona State game. We watched the game from the Deuce. Tigers won! 

Claire, CJ, Uncle Ben and Aunt Chelsie

Raaawwwwrrrr, tiger.
hangin at the Deuce
the little cheerleader refereeing our bags game

Monday, September 10, 2012


Fun weekend in St. Louis! 

Love this pic and all 8 people in it. No, my addition isn't off . So happy
for the Bruegs (soon to be 5)!

Claire really enjoyed clapping and cheering at the game.
Unfortunately the Cards lost 3-6. We stayed through the 5th inning.

Maybe she was super excited about the free Beltran pennant?
No pics but we spent Sunday morning with Aunt Lyle and Uncle Ray. That afternoon we spent celebrating Brooklyn and Sam's 1st birthday (and their big announcement) and then hung out with the McKowns for a bit before heading back home. 

An update from our list of Things to Do Before 2:
  1. Oceans of Fun. Thanks to Aunt Peggy and Uncle Roy, we have no excuse. We are going this summer.
  2. MLB game. Could be a Cards game, could be a Royals game. Probably will be in the fall when it is cooler out.
  3. go to a zoo.
  4. go to the beach. We will cross this off in July when we go to Destin, FL. Can't wait.
  5. get ice cream @ Sparky's.
  6. have burgers @ Booches. 
  7. take Claire to her first SEC football game.
  8. go to Rock Bridge State Park.
  9. go to a concert.
  10. Chiefs game. Hope to make this an annual tradition.
We better get busy! 109 days left as a 1 year old.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Our nice, long Labor Day weekend according to my phone pictures:
Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, it finally rained here!!  We played in the much needed rain on Friday evening.

At the park w/ Nana and Doc. Our girl likes to hang!

Admiring baby Hudson. Claire thought he was pretty cool as long as I wasn't holding him. He is SUCH a good baby. Can't wait to meet Traci and Scott's baby girl in 2013! And Holly and Luke's baby boy in December!

Our last evening with the Larson girls for a while...we will miss them!! So happy for their new
chapter in St. Louis. We will have to come visit soon.
Some of the other fun things we did, not pictured: hanging out with Aunt Meredith & Grandma and Grandpa E, cheering on Mizzou and swimming. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend too!