Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Our nice, long Labor Day weekend according to my phone pictures:
Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, it finally rained here!!  We played in the much needed rain on Friday evening.

At the park w/ Nana and Doc. Our girl likes to hang!

Admiring baby Hudson. Claire thought he was pretty cool as long as I wasn't holding him. He is SUCH a good baby. Can't wait to meet Traci and Scott's baby girl in 2013! And Holly and Luke's baby boy in December!

Our last evening with the Larson girls for a while...we will miss them!! So happy for their new
chapter in St. Louis. We will have to come visit soon.
Some of the other fun things we did, not pictured: hanging out with Aunt Meredith & Grandma and Grandpa E, cheering on Mizzou and swimming. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend too!

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