Sunday, September 11, 2011

New arrivals for fall

Fall at our house means football and although it isn't technically fall yet the football season is underway. This is where you will find these two each Sunday until December (doesn't look like the Chiefs will be playing in January). Claire is loving football now, but she may trade the gridiron for Cartoon Network as soon as she realizes the difference. Until then, Adam is enjoying it. And we are all playing fantasy football this year. Claire has her own team in the TtripleFL (Troutwine Family Fantasy Football League). With an intimidating team name "Claire with the Hair", she is sure to win.
Start of the game--before it got ugly, full of hope

Reality setting in. Chiefs lost 41-7
Aside from football late August/early September has brought with it new babies! Kate and Chris have a boy-Thomas and Justin and Christine have twin girls-Brooklyn and Samantha. So happy for these new families and cannot wait to meet Claire's new friends. Love to all.

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