Sunday, October 9, 2011

Claire goes to college

Who had a great weekend? We did! We went to Kirksville on Saturday to meet our friends Corey and Lauren. They live in Washington DC now but we met them at Truman State University in 1999. Corey and Lauren were being honored as Young Alumni of the Year during Truman's Homecoming weekend. We are so glad we made the short drive to Kirksville to cheer them on and celebrate with them. Stops included: campus, Dukum Inn (bar), Stokes Stadium (Bulldogs lost), and of course the Sig Ep house. We took Claire inside the house but promise she did not touch anything (still filthy).

Hanging out with friends Lauren and Corey

On the quad

Frat party w/ Lauren

Outside Dad's fraternity house

Going to college is exhausting (taken on Sunday during her afternoon nap--she is actually sleeping like this)


  1. Thanks again for coming up to see us T-wines! it was awesome and we loved meeting Claire. we are smitten kittens!