Sunday, November 13, 2011


Fun weekend with Uncle Ben, Aunt Chelsie, Aunt Meredith, Leah, Nana, Doc and the Fudge Family!

Playing with  Aunt Meredith and Leah on Friday night at the Fudge's

Playing with Aunt Chelsie after dinner at the Fudge's, not sure about Adam's face in the background. Nice photobomb?

Fudge sisters: Katie and Molly. Claire will have a new friend in February, Molly is having a little boy!

Loving Aunt Chelsie

Talking to Nana 

Loving Aunt Mer

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  1. ah, yes. Baby's first beer. always a precious moment. C is looking a little like Don in that last picture :)just get her a pair of And 1s and she is the spitting image