Monday, April 2, 2012

So behind!

What? Its April 2nd? How did that happen? We FAILED to wish Uncle Ben a very happy birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Uncle Ben, you April fool!! :)

March photo of the day, day 30: toy
Adam is Claire's favorite toy. We completely FAILED at the last day of the photo challenge too, day 31: where you relax. We did a lot of relaxing on Saturday but just didn't get any great pics. Oh well!

We had a great time in STL on Palm Sunday. We had a nice lunch at Aunt Lyle and Uncle Ray's house. Claire loved the ham and rolls. 
Sitting in her cousin Andrew's old high chair. Playing with Uncle Ray  who is just a little anxious about the big game tonight. GO CATS! 
 And then Claire went on her first Easter egg hunt! It was HOT (90 degrees) but she loved it.
On the hunt. She found one egg and was very pleased. Oh, and we also picked up Nani. She is staying with us for the week while Linda is on vacation. 

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  1. Is Claire officially a walker?? I miss you guys. Can we get together soon?