Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big and little

Nora is four weeks old now and we are enjoying life as a family of four (read: survival mode). Claire continues to be a big 'helper'. One theme that has been constant in the last few weeks with Claire is that she is BIG and Nora is little so Claire gets to do a lot of things that Nora can't do yet. Examples:

Nora can't ride a bike yet.

 Or go see Thomas the Train with Nana and Aunt Mer

Nora didn't get to go to St. Louis with Daddy.
At the zoo with cousins Peter, Eleanor and Stuart

Dancing with cousin Emma
But Nora is oblivious to all of these things she can't do yet, she is content just eating and napping (notice I didn't include sleeping at night). I will post her 1 month pictures soon. Here is one pic from the photographer and hopefully we will have more to share soon.

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