Friday, June 28, 2013

Family week

Very late posting this but we have had some great times with our family lately, starting on Father's Day. We went to Doc and Nana's house at the end of the evening Nora was crying and no one could make her happy. She wouldn't eat, we changed her diaper, swaddled her, etc. She was finally happy when she got to cuddle with Grandma Louise. Cute pic of Nora with her GREAT grandparents:

On Tuesday, Aunt Uncle John was in town for work. He came for a short visit but was mostly just interested in driving by our new house. He renovated a house in Houston years ago and he is excited for us to begin our little adventure in home renovation. He loves to talk about color schemes, kitchen ideas, etc. Such a girl :) He hasn't ever read the blog but told me that he would start if I promised to post updates on the house. 

On Wednesday, Mamie arrived with Peter, Eleanor, Stuart and Katie (one of Eleanor's friends). We had a great time with them and they seemed to enjoy some KC sights: Plaza, Schlitterbahn, Crown Center and the Nelson. 

Katie with our 5 week old chubette!

On Saturday we celebrated Nana's retirement from Park Hill School District. It was a fun party! Uncle Ben and Aunt Chelsie came up from Austin and it was great to see them. CONGRATS, Nana!

On Sunday we got to hang out with Aunt Gayle and Elizabeth at Crown Center. We went to the Curious George exhibit and ate at Fritz's. Claire loved it! 

On Sunday afternoon Aunt Lyle and Uncle Ray arrived and we enjoyed visiting with them, eating BBQ and strolling  through our current neighborhood. We feel very blessed to have a wonderful family. Thanks for coming to visit everyone!

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